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In accordance with the provisions of the Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974, any information related to an alleged violation of the campus’ Code of Student Conduct or the outcome of a conduct hearing are by law, strictly confidential, and only accessible to faculty and staff with a “legitimate educational interest.”


Conduct actions are recorded on the official academic transcript only when a student is suspended or dismissed from the University. The conduct notation of suspension remains on the academic transcript only for the time period of the suspension. The conduct notation of dismissal remains on the academic transcript permanently.


All conduct actions are maintained in the student’s conduct file. These records are separate from the student’s academic record. The Center for Student Conduct will retain student records according to the following schedule:

  • In cases where the final disposition is dismissal from the University, denial or revocation of a degree and/ or withdrawal of a diploma, the records will be retained indefinitely.
  • Records which are subject to maintenance under the Campus Security Act (also known as the Jeanne Clery Act) will be retained for seven years from the date the case is resolved.
  • Student discipline records in all other cases, are retained for four years from the date of the case is resolved or until graduation (whichever comes first).
  • Disciplinary records may be retained for longer periods of time or permanently, if so specified in the sanction.

Adapted from the Code of Student Conduct. Please reference for additional information or clarification.